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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Multi-Store Ecommerce Benefits: Whys and Wherefores

Why would anyone want multiple stores for the same business? Multi-store ecommerce management through a single backend is a bravado rarely attempted by online businesses. Each multi-store website can be easily managed through a consolidated backend view rather than separate administrative views for each site. You can also distribute or share catalog and customer data over different sites. Multiple B2B and B2C sites are useful in the case of firms that sell multiple branded products, for example.

Creating multiple ecommerce stores for your ecommerce business totally makes sense. And very good sense, at that. The reason why multi-store websites are useful is quite straightforward:

· You can categorize products and reach slightly different target markets. Multi- store websites also let you cross-sell different products to the same customers.

· Because you use separate domains and content, you can also better leverage ecommerce SEO efforts.

· Since each site offers different pages and segment-specific content, you will be able to earn search rankings from each domain registered. Therefore, the probability increases that buyers will find at least one of the separate domains while shopping online, which is of course great for the traffic.

· If your multi-store ecommerce business has separate stores for say leather products, there is a very good chance that customers who come with the intention to purchase a wallet might decide (after seeing other products at your store) that they also want a belt or a ladies¹ purse or an office bag. Result? More sales. Greater probability, anyway.

I can give you N number of reasons such as ease of use, easy integration of third-party software, wider reach, and so on. But the crux of the matter is that having a multi-store ecommerce business is a better bet at generating better business as well as becoming better known as an ecommerce solution among the online community. True, multi-store ecommerce is not meant for every Tom, Dick, and Harry. It is meant for business owners whose business covers a major chunk of a business vertical or horizontal. It is also meant for businesses that sell a wide variety of products, such as your very own ecommerce store.

Think about it.

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