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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Future Prospects for Multi-Store eBusiness

Before you build a multi-store online presence, ask yourself how you plan to promote it. Do any of the stores offer brands that require little or no promotion? Are these new brands? Do any of them have a presence in the market that is sufficient to pull in visitors? Or will you be creating a brand out of the multi-store itself ?

Your target audience knows what it wants. The point is, do you? Research into the products demand, their value as visitor pullers, and their acceptance in the market are all points that should figure at the top of your list as you go about building a multi store ecommerce presence.

Software such as Magento are very powerful tools for But you need an acceptable range of diverse but somehow unified product categories to succeed with a multi-store ecommerce platform.You might want to tie up with other retailers to provide categories of products that are related.Also be aware of the eBay ­ Magento merger that could have important implications for not only the concerned parties but ecommerce as a whole. Magento¹s doors are now open to a huge base of store owners whereas eBay now has a grip on the credibility that it needs so very urgently. See where you could figure with a multi store setup on eBay.

In spite of eBay¹s efforts to get rid of the garage-sale image it has come to develop, it might turn out that Magento works its magic and eBay proves to be a great milestone post acquisition. In turn, Magento may as well benefit from the huge base of sellers with eBay and have some eBay Stores popularity rub off.These are positive ifs and it still remains to be seen what the future holds. There have been dilemmas with PayPal in the past. Let¹s cross our fingers.

That said, wait for the results to come in. Let eBay catch up on some more urgent decision making. See how others fare, especially newcomers to the eBay platform.

You cannot afford to rush in.

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