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Monday, 19 May 2014

Set Up Multiple Stores With e-Smart eCommerce Suite

Many times manufacturers and distributors need more than one eCommerce site. The reason varies from multiple brands to multiple markets with different needs. If you are also thinking about establishing multiple eCommerce stores, the first step is to plan the process thoroughly.

Consider the following questions for creating a formidable strategy.
    Setup Multistore with e-Smart eCommerce Suite
  • Which products will your stores sell?
  • At what prices they will be sold?
  • Will all your stores share the same payment gateway?
  • With the store admin see the data of all the stores?
  • Will the customers be able to use the same login in all your stores?
  • Can your customers buy products on one store and then finish the checkout in another store?
  • What will be the design and layout for the stores?
Once you have answers to these questions, you need to find a solution that will smoothen the set up process as much as possible. Ydeveloper’s e-Smart eCommerce suite is one of the best solution for multi-store eCommerce management. It enables the eCommerce merchants to manage more than one ecommerce stores – such as custom ecommerce stores, Yahoo Store, Amazon Webstore, eBay Store,,, and – from a single admin panel.

Moreover, the system’s powerful backend will enable you to add and modify catalog items on separate websites from the same dashboard. If you wish, you can also make necessary changes on all your ecommerce websites from a single panel.

The benefits of e-Smart eCommerce suite are as follows:
  1. Outstanding performance: This solution is specifically created to handle huge volume of transactions and visits. You can handle unlimited number of web stores and visitors through this solution.
  2. Advanced navigation: With faceted navigation of the solution, your customers will be able to find your products faster. Simple selections and filters will be available to them for refining their search results.
  3. User-friendly dashboard: e-Smart eCommerce suite allows you to create new web stores, run promotional campaigns and manage customers with ease. You can take any and all actions on any of the stores from a single dashboard.
  4. Customizable eCommerce shopping cart: You can do away with long checkout procedures and offer one-step process to your customers for easy shopping. 
  5. Strong SEO: This solution will ensure that all your codes are optimized for the best possible rankings on search engines, leading to improved visibility and higher sales.
TL;DR: Creating and handling multi store ecommerce is simple and easy but before you embark on this, you need to study your business model in detail. Otherwise you might end up setting up multiple eCommerce stores unnecessarily.

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