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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Keeping Pace: Multi-Store Ecommerce in Perspective

It is a common perception that a multi-store ecommerce site is a 'make it and forget it' proposition. However, in real terms, that is not quite the case. A Multistore ecommerce platform will involve humongous processing and maintenance. You cannot forget it, once created, if you wish to make the most of it. In retrospect, one might safely say that the actual work with such a webstore begins after it has been created and is ready to go live.

In the very first place, it has to be maintainable. What that means is that it should be flexible enough to allow the store owner and the webmaster to modify it. It must have the right tools necessary for such modifications. If you seek to host the same product, for instance, on each of the sub-store, your solution should allow you to do it. It should have the proper tools to help you do it. Proper ecommerce software are included under proper tools here. It should also offer a proper environment to its user. The environment should be intuitive yet highly flexible. An ecommerce website should have automation that even lay personnel might learn to handle.

Most importantly, however, the entire construct should get better with age. For that, again, a whole lot of improvements and process are called for. Store owners cannot afford to keep using the same set of tools year after year. The developer who can develop such a tool cannot afford to offer all customers the same functionality. Innovation that keeps pace with the changing IT capabilities is a pre-requisite. Without such a robust solution, both the store owner and the developer will be unable to withstand competition.

Using the latest eCommerce Software on an existing ecommerce website is a great way to build a significant customer base. The features such as custom shopping cart, security and fraud prevention features, tax and extra payments calculation, custom checkout, shipping gateways, CMS, social media integration, and so on can be integrated for enhanced visibility, traffic, and conversions.

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