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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Multi-Store eCommerce Solution - Key Features List

The multi-store ecommerce solution provided by is one of the industry¹s leading ecommerce platforms. This is a 100% SEO-friendly ecommerce solution that ensures a better ranking among different search engines. The key benefit of the solution is that it will scale to your requirements. Once you have bought this solution, you don't need to buy any other online services. If, however, you want to, you can integrate almost any online service into this Multi-Store Shopping Cart.

Key features list for our unique Multi-Store Shopping Cart:

Manage multiple ecommerce stores from one dashboard(Inventory, orders, shipping, and RMA among several stores)

Different product's details between online stores(With our multi-store solution you can set common or different product names, prices, descriptions, and images between all your online stores)

SEO-friendly customized code development(A solution for all your requirements ‹ acquire a better ranking)

Customized shopping cart and checkout process(customized shopping cart to increase your conversion)

Generate feeds for different kinds of stores(Generate feeds for Yahoo! Store, eBay Store, Amazon Webstores, and Google Base, PriceGrabber, Yahoo! Shopping, and so on)

Support for multiple languages and currencies(Enhanced worldwide presence)

Flexibility to integrate with any system(Our multi-store ecommerce solution is a fully customized ecommerce solution that easily integrates with most ecommerce applications)

Solution for all your ecommerce needs(With this system, you can manage not only inventory and orders but also drop shippers, inventories from different warehouses, production orders, and much more)

There is no limitation on  adding custom features to this system. If you still have any doubts, please inquire using or  call us at this toll free number:  +1-888-828-9864.

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