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Monday, 8 April 2013

Multi Store Ecommerce Features

The ecommerce platform allows you to manage multi store ecommerce from a single admin panel and also offers advanced ecommerce features that are 100% SEO friendly, with a user-friendly interface. These are useful attributes when it comes to managing a product inventory, processing orders, and supporting both B2C and B2B models. Other features of the ideal multi store solution are discussed below.

The multiple ecommerce solution is developed with top priority accorded to customization. Right from the header of the website through the footer, and everything in between, is fully customizable (including all ecommerce features, layouts, and designs).

The solution is developed using, PHP, or JAVA. The technology to be used for the development depends on due consideration of your requirements and nature of business. There are no limits to the number of categories and individual products you can list on your web store or even the number of stores you can add to your multi-store system.

The multi store point of sale and the overall solution will generally work with all third-party tools, but first you need ask your developer to confirm the specific tools you intend to use.

You may also send orders directly to your drop shippers. Your developer should be able to do the customization necessary. It also generates a host of reports that are a big help when it comes to decision making. Your highly valued customers also stand to gain significantly from the multi store cart. For instance, they can shop at different stores of yours and still use only the same checkout and POS for all the products purchased.

Managing Multiple Store Ecommerce or their inventories can be a major headache for store owners. If you own or are about to create an ecommerce store, many questions arise in your mind ‹ most of which we have anticipated and hence devised an ecommerce system with a single backend for several stores.

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