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Friday, 19 April 2013

Single-Store and Multi-Store eCommerce Solution : A Comparison Provided by Ydeveloper

Ydeveloper provide custom ecommerce solution in two different ways, depending on your requirements for your online business single-store ecommerce and multi-store ecommerce. Both the solutions for ecommerce development provided by us are 100% SEO-friendly ecommerce platforms and helps to increase your ranking in different search engines to ensure your business growth.

Ydeveloper's Multi-Store eCommerce Solution facilitates the management of several eCommerce websites from a single admin panel. With this admin panel store owners can update product name, description, image, price, and all things related to products. With help of this unique multi-store ecommerce admin panel it is possible to set different product details for the same product on all the ecommerce stores connected through this sophisticated multi-store ecommerce system. 

This multi-store ecommerce backend also helps to manage inventory, orders, and shipments between multiple stores. So, the store owner can manage online business with one admin panel from anywhere in the world. The total cost of ownership for multi-store initiatives can be significantly lowered by sharing as many components between stores as possible.

The figure shown below will illustrate the comparison showing the single-store ecommerce and multi-store ecommerce solutions provided by us. For single-store ecommerce every store has its own database and admin panel (dashboard). In multi-store ecommerce solutions all the stores connected with our multi-store solution have a common database and admin panel (dashboard) to manage multiple ecommerce web stores.

Multi-Store eCommerce Comparison

The table below will illustrate the comparison between some of the features of our  single-store ecommerce and multi-store ecommerce.

Multi-Store eCommerce Features Comparison

Whether you are an online store owner or thinking to start an online business, make sure you contact to secure prolific business growth aided by a powerful multi-store ecommerce solution.

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