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Monday, 2 December 2013

How Does Multiple eCommerce Stores Help You during Christmas?

Of course if you have multiple eCommerce stores, you will have better sales throughout the year. However, this advantages turns into something much more during Christmas and other festivals. Having better Christmas marketing strategy arms you with the ability to decimate your competitors without batting an eyelid.

So how exactly do multiple eCommerce stores arm you to have outstanding sales? Consider the following points:

Multi-store eCommerce Marketing Tips
Multi-store Marketing Tips
Enhancement of multiple eCommerce stores: You can enhance all your stores to reach more customers in your target audience. You can optimize the content on your website as well as create newsletters for your target audience.

Cross marketing: You can advertise the products of one store on the other store by offering special discounts and offers. You can also include special discounts and gifts for buying from other stores.

Shipping: Create special shared shipping discounts and benefits for all your stores. You can even offer free shipping on expensive products to push up the sales of those products.

Freebies: Offer few freebies on your stores to catch more customers. Generally customers like to buy their products from the store they have purchased from before. If they have used your free product, it’s highly possible that they will shop on your store in the future too. 

Mobile-friendly app: Instead of depending on your desktop-friendly website to generate huge amount of sales, it’s better to create mobile-friendly and tab-friendly apps that would offer simplicity and convenience to your shoppers.

Implement the above mentioned steps from here and see the Christmas sales figure going up and up and up.

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