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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Making Order Processing Easy for Multiple eCommerce Stores

You may have succeeded in convincing your customer into buying your product, but what if he/she gets struck up that too right at the order processing page? The only way out for such customers is that they’ll end up finding a more user-friendly eCommerce site that has got its order processing page streamlined.  In other words, they’ll shop with no hiccups at your competitor’s site.

So what are the Tips to keep in mind while designing the order processing page

First of all ensure that people are able to locate your order form easily. Come up with clear, concise write-up which will direct your prospects to the order form. Moreover, you can place a link of your order page on every page of your site. This will possibly bring in more conversion ratios.

Ensure that you offer multiple payment options. Come to think of it, some people are interested in using Paypal, some wish to use their credit cards and others are likely to sign cheques. So offering a bouquet of payment options might simply better your conversion rates.

Plus, you may wish to prove yourself as a trustworthy entrepreneur. So determine whether your order form is employing encryption technology. You can also think off offering money back guarantee, if people do not really like the product they bought. How about customer support? You can even consider including customer testimonials, contact information, address, and so on to boost purchaser’s confidence. Make them feel safe and secure about their purchases.

To sum up, you may have achieved your goal by bringing the customer to the order page, but ensure that processes down the line, including the order processing page, does not deter the customers from achieving theirs.

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