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Friday, 11 April 2014

Multichannel eCommerce Platforms: A New Business Mantra

Every business understands the ever expanding importance of eCommerce platforms. This fact is further emphasized by the latest forecasts by eMarketer. According to the forecast, the worldwide business-to-consumer eCommerce sales will increase to $1.500 trillion in 2014, a rise of 20.2%. 

B2B eCommerce Sales Wordwide by eMarketer

If leveraged properly, the estimate offers excellent growth opportunity to each and every merchant. 

One of the ways to grow business presence effectively is through multichannel eCommerce platforms. This method involves setting up multiple online stores, apart from the physical stores, on various eCommerce platforms, such as Yahoo!, eBay and Amazon. When a merchant sets up several stores, including physical and virtual, the benefits are similar to those of having multiple physical stores at the various locations. 

Through multichannel eCommerce stores, a merchant can:
  • Reach out to wider audience
  • Offer niche products to various targeted segments
  • Increase online presence
  • Offer specialized services according to the various audience segment
  • Diversify business risks for better ROI
  • Build strong brand
Although the benefits of multichannel eCommerce stores are immense, usually merchants are daunted by the sheer volume of work involved in the management of all the stores simultaneously. However, this task too can be simplified now. Several eCommerce companies offer solutions to simplify the management of these stores. The customized solutions can help you manage all your stores across various eCommerce platforms through a single dashboard. Meaning, you can update product information, manage customers information, keep track of your inventory and orders, and ship your products from one point. 

Gear up yourself to ride the wave of eCommerce business by undertaking mutlichannel eCommerce business model.

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