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Friday, 4 July 2014

Why Do You Need To Have Live Chat Support For eCommerce

Just imagine a brick-and-mortar store not having a salesman. Unbelievable, isn't it? The same goes for your eCommerce store if you don’t have live chat. Unless you show the willingness to help your customers, they won’t bother to engage themselves with the content on your store and this will, in turn, impact your sales. If you don’t believe us, just imagine how would you feel to be greeted by “Hi, how can I help you?” when you are visiting some random online store? Great, isn't it? You will happily tell the person what you are looking for and why you want that.

Do you still need reasons to integrate live chat? Consider the following reasons:

Benefits of Having Live Chat Support in eCommerce WebsiteEmpathy: Customer-centric approach is must for the growth of any business, especially in today’s times when hundreds of merchants are just waiting to nab your customers. So you have to keep your customers happy and satisfied, and for that you have to engage with them on regular basis. 

First Contact Resolution: Often abbreviated as FCR, first contact resolution is very important to gain the customer’s lifetime loyalty. First contact starts the moment the customer gets in touch with you with a problem in your product or service. Offering a quick and convincing response is quite crucial at this point of time. Also, make sure that your customer doesn't need to call you again and again to resolve the same issue. If they have to, you can be quite sure that they are never going to return. 

Window shoppers: Just like in physical stores, online stores too have their own share of window shoppers. Window shoppers are those who browse through your collection and check out the prices without any intention of buying them. Through live chat, you can easily convert these window shoppers into real buyers. How? A well-trained online representative can start a proactive communication with the window shopper and offer them new products, introductory offers and so on. Most of the times, these tactics result into sales and if your products are of high quality, then into lifetime loyal customers.

Depending on the technologies you have used in your eCommerce site, you can integrate live chat support. e.g. if you have a website built on PHP, try this live chat integration.

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