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Monday, 14 July 2014

How Visitors View Your eCommerce Store

Running an eCommerce store is not as easy as it seems. There are several things that can impact the conversion ratio of your store – right from the look of the store to the available selection of products to customer service.

How Visitors View Your eCommerce Store
The sure fire way to improve sales of your store is to have a look at your eCommerce store from a visitor's point of view. Are you wondering what your customers see when they visit your store? 

Let's begin the journey to find out the answer.


Whenever you visit a store that's in disarray, what would you think of the store? Will you be impressed? Most probably not. Think in the same way when you enter your store. Is the design of the store unique and attractive? How easy is it find products? Are all the products categorized properly with appropriate sub-categories? In short, the design and layout of the store should be impressive enough to retain the visitors. It shouldn't be contributing to the bounce rate.


How long would you stay on a website that takes ages to load? Not more than 5 minutes, right? According to various studies, slower page response time results in an increase in page abandonment, and the problem is exacerbated when it comes to mobile sites. Now check the speed of your store. If the pages are taking too long to load, it's time to check for the problem. If you aren't techno-savvy, hire a professional. He/she will know what to do and how to reduce the loading time.

Product selection:

Usually start ups can't afford to offer wide array of products. But that's okay. Instead of worrying about the product selection, make sure that visitors are able to find products quickly and easily. At the same time, are you bombarding your customers with too many options and inducing “decision paralysis”? Find a workaround for offering choices without confusing them. If you are selling multiple brands, you can offer search option for brands too. This will prevent confusions between different brands.

Product pages:

How much time do you spend on the product pages to make a decision whether you will buy it or not? Usually it's 10 seconds. Now go to your product pages and see if it has something unique that can compel the visitors to make a positive buying decision within 10 seconds. If not, then it's time to redesign the product pages. 

Shopping cart:

After design and layout, ill-designed shopping carts are usually the culprit for high abandonment rates. The reasons for abandonment vary from unexpectedly high shipping costs to not accepting certain payment methods to compulsory user registration for the purchases. For high conversion ration, you should have a clear cut shipping policy right on the product listing page; accept all types of payments; and offer guest checkout or social login.

After-sales service:

How would you feel if a shop from where you had bought a shirt couple of months back gets in touch with you to know how do you find the shirt? Awesome, won't you? Offer the same level of customer service to your customers. Ask them for the feedback. If they aren't returning anymore, ask them why. Offer them special discounts that can bring them back to the store.

Single Dashboard for Multi-store Owner:

Are you running multiple eCommerce stores and managing all from Single Admin? If it's Yes, then you should get an access to all the important functionality in this panel. This helps you to save your time, and get instant report of the visitor's behavior to improve the conversion.

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