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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Use these eCommerce Web Design Strategies to Improve Sales

It’s given thing in the eCommerce world that the design of your eCommerce website directly impact sales. If you are still unsure of it, then it’s time for you to not only familiarize with it but also be on trouble-shooting mode.

The design of a site directly affects sales. It mainly helps build corporate identity, develop brand, and differentiate your products from your competition. So, if your design is wrong, in no time your potential income and overall business prospects will come under tremendous stress.

Listed below are dynamic eCommerce web design tips which will help you accelerate your sales numbers.

Build a professional website:

eCommerce Web Design - Build a Professional Website
One of the best-known ways to maintain a professional looking website is to keep content and photographs organized. In fact, you should feature multiple pictures for each product and showcase it at different angles. This will help customers get a feel of the product. And if you have categories and subcategories, organize them into drop-down menu form, so that shoppers can open it easily by simply hovering over them with their cursor.

However, ensure the photographs you use are best in quality and the product descriptions carefully done.

Make it easy to use:

eCommerce Web Design - Checkout Process
Keep the checkout process easy and quick. This helps complete the purchases quickly. Also include a search box on the top of the page. This enables customers filter results quickly. Also, shoppers should be able to get from the product page to the checkout pages in a few easy steps as possible, so that customers don't get impatient along the way and abandon your store.  Moreover, it should be easy for shoppers to see what is in their cart, so that they can remove items that they don’t need. 

Make Information Easily Accessible:

eCommerce Web Design - Tracking Shipping and Customer Information
When a customer decides to buy online, he looks for information, such as the shipping costs, delivery time, tracking instructions and so on. So you have to ensure that such information is easily accessible to shoppers. You can also include ‘live chat’ for shoppers with questions. Plus, an email address or phone number to help shoppers reach customer service.   

Share Your Social Media:

eCommerce Web Design - Social Media
Shoppers who are interested in your products will be looking for ways to engage themselves with you on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. So don't forget to include buttons linking to the social media pages of your company. Customers can visit these pages to get updated information on the latest deals and newest products right away.

Feature Customer Reviews:

eCommerce Web Design - Customer Reviews
If you want to make people feel comfortable buying your product, then you need to include customer reviews on your website. This will give them certain amount of confidence before buying. So you should include a feature on your website that would prompt customers to quickly leave reviews on purchased products.
So now you know what a carefully designed website can do for your sales. For one thing, you enjoy more conversions and customers, and you also enjoy repeat customers and earn valuable profits.

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